Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do businesses go wrong?

The web is here and the Internet is everything and anything. From a simple small business, to corporations, everyone’s ideas, products and services are on-line.
Businesses are using Twitter and Facebook primarily to reach their buyers from a different, yet similar angle, and are very often redirecting fans and followers to their actual websites.
This is great!
But businesses go wrong once an interested reader is at their website. They know their information is useful or intriguing; why else would a person be browsing through their site? However, they require personal information, even beyond just a simple email in order to share those ideas.
One website boasts about its press release and public relations secrets. Of course a small business owner wants to know what they are, but they are required to give their own personal information to read it. More than likely, that deters them from ever knowing their secrets.
Who knows what could have been missed out on then? Maybe that person owns their own small business and would have posted links to their ideas on their own site, or maybe they would have recommended the ideas he or she read to friends and colleagues and created a small cult of followers of the ideas being presented.
Businesses allow people to read about who you truly are. Don’t just offer the standard information on the “about us” page or section, but offer your blog, your ideas, your passion, as written content on your site for FREE. It’s OK to ask for an email to receive further email blasts, updates or reminders, but don’t do it initially. Once people read about your ideas and insights, they will be lining up to hear more. I promise

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